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On the Verge (Remix Edition)


According to the Bloggers Etiquette Handbook (if there really is one) I have to take this time to apologize to my loyal fans, who are hopefully still out there!  I took a break from blogging for a year. Traded in my keyboard for a cutting board and channeled all of my creativity into the kitchen. And though it has definitely paid off( just ask those who benefit from my culinary stylings), my inner Carrie Bradshaw was telling my inner Ina Garten to put the knives down and pick up the laptop again. So here I am, back at it. I bet you missed me, didn’t ya?!

I guess there IS a handbook!

I guess there IS a handbook!

A ton has happened this year. Engagements, weddings, babies, awards, marathons, promotions, moving homes. None of them happened to me. What has happened to me, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I survived culinary school with all ten fingers in tact. If you know me personally, you know that is a feat within itself! I followed up culinary school with a 3 month externship at a catering prep kitchen where I was one of the only native English speakers in the kitchen. Now, I have started my own personal chef business, RR Personal Chef Services (“Like” it on Facebook) and most recently began assisting cooking classes at Sur La Table. I’m sure you’re all thinking “Wow, she has done so much this year!”.  And though, yes I have and I am pretty proud of myself, I feel like I wanted there to be more. Which is probably another reason why I took a time out from typing.


I didn’t run a marathon, but I did marathon through 2 seasons of both Homeland and Suits in just 48 hrs respectively. I didn’t start working out as much as I told myself I would, but I did join a bowling team (where, no joke, I bowled a 30 one game. Yes, a 30). I didn’t have a baby, but a lot of my friends did and I now know more about swaddling and “Sophie the Giraffe” than most single ladies. I didn’t get married, but I did collect enough ridiculous dating stories to warrant a “Modern Love” article in the NYTimes Sunday Style section. I didn’t move apartments, but I have committed to keeping my current one in a slightly less “hoarder-esque” condition. I didn’t get a promotion, but hey, I hear my “boss” is a people pleaser so fingers crossed 😉

To be perfectly honest (& I guess that is what blogging is for) I never thought of myself as being the girl whose career was going the be the most successful facet of her life. But who knew that all of those “family dinners” I made for my friends or little treats I’d bake for my old co-workers would eventually lead me to being a personal chef. So, I guess what I considered as inconsequential events over the last year could turn out to be something more. Not that I’m about to be a professional bowler or CIA agent like Carrie Mathison. BUT one of those bad dates could eventually become a good one. Decluttering my apartment may help me declutter my whole life. All that baby knowledge…it’ll be out to use some day for sure. Until then, I’m just going to stop disregarding the little things that happen to me and start figuring out what I’m on the verge of next.

whats next