Happy Birthday to my sister
It’s about that time…
To show off our family forte
So here’s a celebratory rhyme
27 years ago
On a hot August eight
My little sister was born
Her name – Robin, Kate
With long brown hair and big blue eyes
She is beyond super cute
She’s smart stylish and funny
And has great dance moves, to boot!
She’s taking the fashion world by storm
From her desk at Valentino
When looking for something to wear
It is to her closet that we go.
Dressed in red and white-
She’s always cheering for Bucky
Sorry, Cuse knocked you out of the tourney,
Hopefully next year you’ll get lucky!
She parties at Coachella and summers on Ocean Ave
Always searching for “GLH”
Find it and let me know you have!?
Some  people still get fooled
By our similar ways…
Even though I’m the older one
She’s got way more greys!!
We walk alike we talk alike
We even have matching tattoos
When it comes to being the sisters Robin
It is hard to lose.
I’ll keep this short and sweet,
Katie isn’t always a fan of attention
But before I end this poem,
There is something I should mention
KJR, when it comes to siblings
I really lucked out
People want to be like us
That I have no doubt
Thanks for being my best pal
My dance partner and style guru
Thanks for being awesome
And thanks for being you!!

Happy birthday!


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