What better way to bring my blog back into the world than posting about the person who brought me into the world!?

There is not doubt that I am my mother’s daughter.  Besides the fact that we could be mistaken as twins in the right light, a lot of who I am (for better or worse) I got from my mom.  She’s the one who taught me to never back down from a good fight-even if I may be wrong.  She taught me to accessorize my H&M dresses with Chanel ballet flats.  She taught me how to fake-break in the passengers seat**.  My mom taught me the arts of gossiping and napping. She taught me how to set a perfect table and host a dinner party (yes, you mom, not Ina).  She taught me how to appreciate flannel nightgowns and early bed-times. My mom taught me my camp alma mater.

My mom was the one taught me how to tell a good joke…but we are both still working on how to take one 😉  She introduced me to the wonderous world of prime-time television.  My mom taught me how to use my new iPhone/iPad and seriously kicks my ass in Words With Friends every time(I wish she would teach me her secrets).  My mom taught me how to pick out the perfect birthday card.  She taught me how to be quick and witty…and just a little bit bitchy.  She taught me how to look out for myself.  She taught me how to make brisket.  My mom taught me how to really laugh…and punctuate it with a snort!

Mom, you are the Goldie to my Kate.  The Demi to my Rumor.  The Tori to my Stella.  The Theresa to my Gia. The Beyonce to my Blue Ivy. The Kris to my Kim. The Blythe to my Gwenyth.  The Hilary to my Chelsea.

Thanks Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

**Something of note: my mom did NOT teach me how to drive.  Yet ONCE I drove over a curb, and since then she has only been in the car with my a handful of times in 14 years**


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