On The Verge Of My 30s

We are 12 days into 30 and I know I’ve owed you this blog post for a while.  To be honest, I couldn’t really wrap my head around the concept of actually being 30!! Yes, I know I talked a big game on this blog about how I’d accomplished so much personally in my 20s that I was ready to move onto the next decade, but the tears that were streaming down my face the eve of my birthday told another story.  It was honestly like a scene out of one of the several “single gal” romcom movies that I love so much.  I had just wrapped up my extensive beautification process before meeting my family for my first celebratory birthday meal, I  looked in the mirror, and said aloud (to myself as I live alone) “Ok, so this is what 30 looks like”.  Now insert waterworks here…and then continually on and off for the next 48 hours.

Do not let the tears fool you though, I had the most AMAZING 30th birthday I could ask for.  Seriously, 30 welcomed me with a very big hug “hello”.  I woke up to a bevy of texts, emails, and Facebook messages that continued through the day.  I had an amazing spa treatment followed by a lunch consisting of fried chicken (because calories don’t count on your birthday).  That night my friends came over and we celebrated our 10th friendiversary with serious amounts prosecco induced reminiscing and laughing tears, greasy chinese food, and the most AMAZATORY homemade birthday cake.  Remember…NO CALORIES ON MY BIRTHDAY!  

Cake by Amy and Casey *thank you thank you thank you*

And it didn’t stop there.  I spent the day on Saturday with my sister. We just did the usual Saturday routine of brunch, window shopping, and getting matching tatto0s.  Then Saturday night, after another vigorous beautification process with the help of my friend Amy (yes -she bakes and she does hair! What else can you ask for in a friend?!), we went out to really celebrate.  The aforementioned sister threw one hell of a party that included champagne, cupcakes, and pigs in a blanket (she’s obviously reading my blog!).  I know it sounds lame, but I love having birthday parties.  All the people I love in one room at the same time, ugh–nothing better!!  The celebration came to an end the next morning with one last birthday breakfast with a friend. Birthday = Zero Calories

Once the celebrations wound down and the calories started to sink, so did the fact that I was actually 30! And the once sporadic tears turned into a full day of melancholy.  I’m talking lights off, shades drawn, candles lit, bathrobe on, laying on the couch under a blanket, down in the dumpsters kinda day.  It all just hit me like a mack truck.  The thing is, there were no actual thoughts running through my mind.  No massive anxiety attack.  No generalization of my feelings.  No time was spent trying to rationalize this “new decade” I was embarking on.  I really thought I was going to come up with some genius Rebecca-ism about karma from my 20s rolling over to my 30s, but all I came away with were pillow marks on my face and quite the stomach ache.  I was just kinda blank.

And after 12 days I have realized that blank was good. Blank is like a new beginning, right?! Clean slate, fresh start, square one.  And that’s exactly how I am going to embrace this new stage of mine.  I have some exciting new things ahead of me as I enter my 30s.  I’m embarking on a new career (I don’t want to put the “juju” on it, but I promise I will divulge soon), I’m  back in the dating scene, and I have some pretty great travels ahead of me.  Really, the possibilities that are ahead of me are endless.  Even though I’m not on the verge of 30 anymore, a wise blog commenter told me that we are always on the verge of something! Now that I have fully indulged on everything that my 20s had to offer, I can’t wait to see what happens in my 30s…


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