Happy Friendiversary!

Though February 10th will be a GLORIOUS day of celebrating the birth of yours truly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other extremely important holiday that lands on the same date.  It is my 10th Friendiversary!! What is a Friendiversary, you ask? Well, it is just what it sounds like.  The anniversary of the date where I met my friends–and another excuse for us to make up a fabulously nonsensical word!  Now, I don’t celebrate the anniversary of all of my friendships-but this is something that is beyond friendship.  To be a complete cheeseball…they are like my family.  Which, actually if you think about it, we are…seeing as though it was our sorority’s bid day that brought us together.

I won’t go into the details about how each of us became friends because honestly, I don’t remember.  Mostly because it just, like, happened. It was as if the fates (with the help of the Panhellenic Board of Syracuse University) brought us together.  Oh, let me mention that I am a year older than the other 4 in our group.  It is neither here nor there at this point in our lives, but in college/sorority life that meant a big deal.  As they were pledging, I was partying.  As they were partying, I was abroad.  As they were abroad, I was graduating.  As they were graduating, I was a freshman at life.  So really, we only had 3 total semesters in college together. Yet, most of my favorite memories I have of school involve them.

We did NOT have Facebook in college, therefore no pictures of us from that time period should grace the internet!! You are welcome, ladies.

Once we were all in NYC though, it was a different story.  We lived within 5 blocks of each other, and while the other 4 lived in 2 different apartments in the same building, my apartment became our home base.  We basically LIVED in my one bedroom apartment on East 44th Street.  We would hang out there most nights after work and order cheap take out.  We would pre-drink there on weekends but ALWAYS ended up staying there instead of going to the bar.  Just the 5 of us.  Because honestly, no one is more entertaining to us than us!!  They even spent the last night with me in that apartment and initialed the inside of my fireplace before leaving.  We weren’t saying goodbye to my old apartment.  We were leaving our mark on OUR first NYC home.

The beauty of our friendship is that we are all so different yet SO the same.  We all appreciate a good 90’s teen movie.  We are pesto intolerant.  We can never say no to karaoke.  We speak in abbreviations and nonsensical words and know exactly what we mean.  We know that prosecco and brie make a bad day better.  We firmly do NOT believe in group dinners-but firmly believe in “family” pot lucks.  Brunch at a diner and an afternoon movie make for our perfect Sunday.  And we all share the same “Dad”.  Not REALLY, but we all laugh at the fact that our dad’s are basically the same.  Actually, we adopted our tour guide on our Israel trip as our “Israel Dad”.  I mean, we all had our assigned seats in his Chevy Tahoe and napped as he played Billy Joel or Crosby, Stills, and Nash on the radio.  He got pissed when we didn’t listen to his trivial facts and knew a meal of falafel and schnitzel was going to stop our impending meltdowns. So Dad.

On our Israel trip. Picture taken by "Dad", obviously

As much as we are the same, we are different.  And that is what makes our friendship what it is.  Everyone comes with their own nuances.  I am the “sensitive” one.  I’m overly emotional and slightly neurotic.  I’m sentimental and sometimes a little cheesy but it all comes from a place of love.  I am a planner and everyone’s personal calendar reminder.  I’m a nurturer, and even though this isn’t a touchy feely kinda group, I have FINALLY broken through the barrier and we are now hugging a lot more!!!(small victory) And being different means that there are times that we disagree.  We butt heads-but isn’t that how every family works?!?!

And a family is exactly what we are.  We walk into each others apartment’s as if they were our own.  We know exactly where the good snacks are and which closet the guest sweats are in.  We can communicate from across a crowded party only using extra wide-eyed stares, sidewards glances, and flared nostrils.  We are there for it all.  When things are too scary to say out loud or too amazing not to shout from the roof tops, these are the people that I know will get it.  And they get me.

I can not write this blog entry without thanking the other sororities that participated in the 2002 winter rush process.  Without you overlooking the AMAZINGNESS of my friends, I would not have received the best birthday present anyone could ever ask for.  I still can’t comprehend that 10 years (and the entirety of my 20s) have gone by so quickly!!  Without them, I would not be who or where I am today.  Happy Friendiversary, Friendies!! Cheers to 10 years and many many more!! xoxo

*See, I told you I was the sappy one!!**


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