Ode to the Birthday Cake

If there is something that I cannot fake

It is my love for birthday cake!

Vanilla frosting & yellow cake is what I’m talkin’ about

“YOU ARE DELICIOUS” from the rooftops I do shout

You won’t get a piece if you arrive tardy

Here I am chowin’ down at my 4th birthday party

The homemade version is good, but I prefer from a bakery

If it doesn’t come in a white cardboard box, I call it fakery!

An inch of frosting in between each layer

I sink my teeth in like a birthday cake slayer

And don’t forget the flowers, those are a must

Without the decor, the dessert is a bust!

364 days for this treat I wait

It really is the ideal way to celebrate!

Pour some skim milk or a glass of champagne

As long as I have cake, I cannot complain

Bakers start baking, we’re only 2 weeks away

From February 10th-my 30th birthday!!!


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