Everyone’s A Critic

Everyone is a critic!! No matter where I go or who I talk to, they think that they are watching the best show on television.  I patiently listen to their argument about why said show is the best one out there and why I just have to watch it.  Honestly though, I think I know a thing or two about good television.  My relationship with TV runs deep and runs strong.  I mean I have 2 DVRs in my apartment…where I live alone…that are constantly running on full blast!

Now, I do admit that I don’t give every show on tv a chance.  I have zero threshold for scary entertainment.  I just don’t get it?  What is so fun about getting scared sh*tless???  I also don’t really watch educational television either.  Discovery, Nat Geo, Biography-if I wanted to learn about something, I would read about it.

That being said, since everyone thinks they KNOW what the best show on television is, I will share some of my current favorites with you.  There are so many for me to choose from, that I only allowed myself one show from each genre:

BIG BANG THEORY (sitcom): I need to thank my cousin, David,  for introducing me to this show.  It is so smart–and not just because the main characters are physicists.  It is relevant, it is witty, it is SO funny (Jim Parsons didn’t win 2 Emmys for nothing), and you don’t have to be a member of MENSA to get it.  Not to mention that Mayim Bialik plays THE MOST awkwardly amazing character I have ever seen.

NCIS (crime show): Truth be told, I only started watching this show 2 years ago when I was stuck in my hotel room in rainy Louisville, Kentucky.  There was a marathon on USA and I became hooked.  I usually don’t enjoy procedural crime shows, but one scene with Mark Harmon (the original silver fox) and you are hooked.  I mean, it has been the #1 show in America for a few years now, so clearly I’m not the only one who loves it

Silver Fox

PARENTHOOD (drama): You have to be heartless with no soul if you don’t love this show.  Loosely based off of the early 90’s movie, this show envelopes you in family love.  Though my family is nothing like Bravermans, I can relate to each and every character in one way or another.  The only thing that weirds me out about this show is that 2 of the characters who play brother and sister are dating in real life.  But once you get passed that, it is all JUST SO GOOD.  I mean, even my dad puts this on his “must watch” list.

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA (premium cable): And speaking of my dad, he was watching this show before me!  Another show that hooked me in during a marathon-I watched the entire first season in one day.  It actually just ended its second season 2 weeks ago, but I am STILL thinking about it. 2 guys making it in the fashion world on a prayer and a dream-I know it’s only fiction, but it really makes me think I can do whatever I set my mind to in this great city of Manhattan.  Eye-candy bonus–Bryan Greenberg is every Jewish girl’s dreamboat and Gena Gershon is what I aspire to look like when I get older.

NEW GIRL (new show): I’ve mentioned this show before in a previous blog post, but I just can’t get enough.  There are tons of “girl power” shows that debuted this fall, but I like this one the most.  It’s so quirky and so sweet at the same time I just can’t see you NOT falling in love with this show.  Plus, everyone needs their own theme song…

TOP CHEF (reality competition): This show shows true skill.  The contestants are already established chefs so you know they are good to begin with.  The challenges are fun, the talent is through the roof, and this is one show that I pray every day taste-o-vision will be invented soon.  Pack your knives and please make me dinner!!

TORI & DEAN (“real” reality): Ok, start making fun of me now, but I L.O.V.E. this show.  Like words don’t even describe the joy it brings me.  Tori is anxiety ridden, funny, creative, neurotic, a care taker, and super chic…basically me in celebrity form!  I know a lot of these shows are scripted reality, but this one actually feels real (which I hope it is).  I’m not the biggest Dean fan, but what I lack in love for him is made up with her FABULOUS Gusband and her kids’ 2 Guncles.  And those kids-don’t even get me started…

EXTREME COUPONING (guilty pleasure): Yes, it does seem like most of the shows on this list would be described as “guilty pleasure” but this one actually takes the cake.  I had said that I don’t like educational programming, but The Learning Channel has taken “learning” to a whole new level.  You may think a show on coupon clipping is boring, but have you SEEN the stockpiles these people have in their basements’?? A lifetime supply of deoderant! 100+ bottles of laundry detergent! Cans of Progresso soup to last 2 lifetimes!  All for under $20! Ugh, if I were caught in a natural disaster, that is the kind of preparedness I’d like to have.

Stockpile Heaven

WEST WING and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (shows no longer on TV): I would be remiss if I didn’t mention these two shows.  Personally, I have watched West Wing in its entirety at least 5 times.  I own the box set and DVR any and every re-run that is on tv.  Sometimes I’ll get so engrossed in the show that I actually believe Josiah Bartlett is President of the United States.  Friday Night Lights was just spectacular.  It was a show that SHOULD have had record breaking viewership but sadly always fell short (I don’t even know why) and was usually just a mid-season replacement.  I love my parents, but what I wouldn’t do to have been brought up by Eric and Tammy Taylor!

I am sure most, if not all of you are reading this and saying to yourselves “Bullsh*t!”  I know there are several shows that I have left off the list.  The fact that there are less shows on this list than there are recording during any given weeknight at primetime in my apartment just goes to show there are plenty of best shows on television.  These are just the ones currently on my list during this Fall 2011 season.  You don’t have to take my advice and watch any of these shows, but you would really be missing out.  I mean, I’m a girl who is currently unemployed and STILL has a hard time getting through her DVR.  If that doesn’t describe a television aficionado I don’t know what does!!

My TV Guide Cover



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