Many Thanks

Thanksgiving is officially over, but being thankful is never ending.  On the 4th Thursday of every November we give thanks for our family and friends.  For our health and happiness.  For prosperity and a good year to come.  But there are 364 other days of the year that I find myself saying “thank you”.  So today, on the 4th FRIDAY of November, I am going to give thanks for the smaller, yet definitely not insignificant, things in my life.

I am thankful for:

*The person who invented air conditioning


*The Hampton Jitney stop 3 blocks from my apartment

*Cherry Coke slurpees

*Re-runs of Mad About You

*My always on hand back-up Blackberry battery

*Coach Taylor

*Margaritas on the rocks with extra salt

*Overnight Fed-Ex

*The off-duty cab that picks me up in the rain

*Primetime on demand

*Terry Cloth bathrobes

*The cashier at Soft Serve Fruit who knows my order as soon as I walk in

*My stuffed Piggy for being my bestest friend for almost 30 years

*Pigs in a blanket (sorry to previously mentioned stuffed animal)

*It’s Complicated or Something’s Gotta Give being on premium cable every Sunday

*Facebook –so I can keep up with my friends

*Twitter– so I can keep up with my celebrity “friends”

*The 6 train

*The Food Network/Cooking Channel

*James Taylor

*Uggs (they may be UGGly, but you cannot deny their comfort)


*The Syracuse basketball team


*Stewarts bringing back Crumbs Along the Mohawk ice cream


*My doormen

*My friend living so close to 16 Handles that I just HAVE to go every time I visit his apartment

*NCIS marathons

*My tapered Syracuse sweatpants

*Matzoh ball soup

*$20 manicure/pedicure specials on WEEKENDS!

*The royal wedding being televised (and my old bosses believing that I had a “family obligation” that day)

*My blog followers

It shouldn’t have to take one holiday in the fall to celebrate what we are grateful for.  Go out and be thankful every day!


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