Dome is where my heart is

If you know me or have been following my blog you can tell that I am pretty much obsessed with camp.  You’d think that there would be no room left to love anything else so wholeheartedly.  Well I clearly have an abnormally large elephant sized heart, because if there is something I love as much as camp, it is my beloved Syracuse University!  As with most relationships it was a rocky beginning.  Admittedly, Syracuse was no where near my first choice of colleges to attend.  I will not disclose which university ripped my heart out of my chest on that fateful Valentines Day in 2004 with a rejection letter, but in hindsight, I am incredibly grateful it happened.

Otto-How can you not love that face?!

Syracuse is where I belonged.  Syracuse and I are soul mates.  We both have pretty large personalities but don’t take ourselves too seriously (I mean, look at that mascot!).  I am an avid fan of napping and Syracuse provided me with eternally dark, cold, and cloudy nap time weather.  I couldn’t go through sorority rush my freshman year and Syracuse said “Hey, we are going to start a new sorority and we are going to give you a chance to join”.  Syracuse just gets me.


Syracuse also introduced me to four of my very best friends who love the Cuse just as much as I do.  During any given hang-out session with these girls, we will inevitably talk about the good ol’ days at school.  We also like to play the “24 hours in Syracuse” game where we create our own perfect days on the hill.  These fantastical days are usually crammed with eating at our favorite restaurants, hanging out in our sorority house, hitting up our favorite watering hole (RIP Maggies), and maybe an after hours party.  No classes are in session on these utopian like days and it sure as hell isn’t snowing. Just like Syracuse, these girls get me.

And let’s be clear…my love for Syracuse is not just because of friends, food, and fraternity boys.  Let’s not forget the King of Syracuse, the Mayor of the Hardwood, the (what I believe in my heart should be) next Governor of New York…  JIM BOEHEIM.  He and the Syracuse basketball team make the long cold (and I mean f*ing freezing) central New York winters a little warmer.  I could go on and on and on and on about my love for the basketball team.  I have Preston Shumpert to thank for getting me sick from drinking for the first time, I had a somewhat interesting flirtation situation with Jeremy McNeil for four years (my grandma still refers to him as my boyfriend), and I have named several inanimate blue and orange objects in my apartment after Andy Rautins.  (More on my obsession in another post.  If I don’t cut myself off now, I could go on forever)

It’s also not hard to love Syracuse, especially living in New York City.  Cabs drive by with signs proclaiming “Syracuse is New York’s Team”. The Empire State Building is lit up in orange and blue when the team comes to play at the Garden. I even see homeless people wearing Syracuse apparel.  Everyone’s got Orange in their hearts!

Today kicks off homecoming weekend at school.  Alumni will flock to campus and reminisce about their days in Onondaga County.  The Dome will be rocking during the football game (because we actually aren’t terrible this year) and the quad will look like a sea of orange.  My friends and I decided not to go up this year (we actually haven’t been to homecoming since 2005).  Maybe we will go up during the spring and live out one of perfect Syracuse days.  My heart aches a little bit thinking about not being there, but just like with any soul mate, it doesn’t matter how far away you are from each other, the love is still there. Dome is where my heart is.


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