Rebecca is: addicted to Facebook

Ok, here is the deal.  I’ve been working on this one particular blog post for the last 3 days but I just couldn’t finish it.  It’s not that I didn’t know what to say (I mean I’m writing about MYSELF) or didn’t have anything to say, it’s that I constantly found myself incredibly distracted.  By the noise of the traffic outside my 2nd floor apartment? No.  By the 10,000th viewing of It’s Complicated? No, but good guess. By the flooding of phone calls from publishing houses wanting to turn my blog into the next NY Times Bestseller? No, but I would be happy to accept those offers 🙂  My life’s biggest distraction…you guessed it, FACEBOOK!

I don’t know what it is.  I can’t help it.  Every time I am on ANY computer, I feel compelled to log into Facebook.  When I check my email-Facebook.  When I’m tracking my Weight Watchers points-Facebook.  When I’m job hunting-Facebook (hey, they hire too!).  It’s as if I set my Firefox on Facebook autopilot.  I don’t even have to type in the entire web address anymore.   I type in “F” in the address bar and Facebook automatically appears.  Thank GOODNESS Facebook wasn’t around when I was in college.  I would’ve done less work than I already was (sorry mom and dad). Facebook and I have such a close relationship that I even have nicknames for it.  The Face, FB, Fache’ (if I’m feeling fancy that day).

As the world’s yenta extraordinaire,  Facebook was made for me.  I love to know what is going on in the world.  And by “the world” I mean the 770 people I am “friends” with.  Weddings, babies, new relationships, sorority bid days–I know it all!  In most conversations I have with people Facebook is brought up.  “According to Facebook…”, “Oh, did you see on Facebook…”.  I was sitting in temple with my Grandma Net over Yom Kippur and we were discussing the recent engagement of an old family friend.  I was telling her about the proposal, the fiance, the date of the wedding, the whole nine yards.  She asked me how often I spoke to said friend and I responded “Oh, I don’t.  I saw this on Facebook”.  I don’t even think my grandma knows what Facebook is.

Now I am going to divulge something that really sets me into “addict” status.  One of my best friends and I share FB passwords.  Hey, sometimes you just need to peruse a different news feed.  Twice in the last year she has had to change her password for one reason or another.  I went into a full panic mode thinking our friendship was in jeopardy.  How could she lock me out of facebook?  And twice this year I had to make a very awkward phone call.  The conversation goes something like this.  Me: “Hey, are we ok? Is something going on?” Friend: “Of course not, why?” Me: “Well, I’ve been trying to sign into your Facebook and it seems you changed your password”
She laughs it off and gives me the new one.  I usually hang my head in shame for a few minutes (whilst trying to remember the new password).

After reading this post, please don’t de-friend me (in real life or on the Fache’).  I am for sure not the only one of you who loves them some Facebook-I am just the only one who is blogging about it.  Post those pictures!! Update those statuses!! Like my witty blog posts (and share them with your friends)!! I am sure most of people are actually reading this BECAUSE they saw it on Facebook.  I am going to try to stay off FB for the rest of the day.  Give myself a little cleanse if you will.  Just let me update my status to let everyone know 🙂

**This blog post took 3 hours to write and was interrupted by compulsive Facebook checking 11 times**


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