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Many Thanks

Thanksgiving is officially over, but being thankful is never ending.  On the 4th Thursday of every November we give thanks for our family and friends.  For our health and happiness.  For prosperity and a good year to come.  But there are 364 other days of the year that I find myself saying “thank you”.  So today, on the 4th FRIDAY of November, I am going to give thanks for the smaller, yet definitely not insignificant, things in my life.

I am thankful for:

*The person who invented air conditioning


*The Hampton Jitney stop 3 blocks from my apartment

*Cherry Coke slurpees

*Re-runs of Mad About You

*My always on hand back-up Blackberry battery

*Coach Taylor

*Margaritas on the rocks with extra salt

*Overnight Fed-Ex

*The off-duty cab that picks me up in the rain

*Primetime on demand

*Terry Cloth bathrobes

*The cashier at Soft Serve Fruit who knows my order as soon as I walk in

*My stuffed Piggy for being my bestest friend for almost 30 years

*Pigs in a blanket (sorry to previously mentioned stuffed animal)

*It’s Complicated or Something’s Gotta Give being on premium cable every Sunday

*Facebook –so I can keep up with my friends

*Twitter– so I can keep up with my celebrity “friends”

*The 6 train

*The Food Network/Cooking Channel

*James Taylor

*Uggs (they may be UGGly, but you cannot deny their comfort)


*The Syracuse basketball team


*Stewarts bringing back Crumbs Along the Mohawk ice cream


*My doormen

*My friend living so close to 16 Handles that I just HAVE to go every time I visit his apartment

*NCIS marathons

*My tapered Syracuse sweatpants

*Matzoh ball soup

*$20 manicure/pedicure specials on WEEKENDS!

*The royal wedding being televised (and my old bosses believing that I had a “family obligation” that day)

*My blog followers

It shouldn’t have to take one holiday in the fall to celebrate what we are grateful for.  Go out and be thankful every day!


Welcome To The Clubhouse

Let’s face it…reality programming is taking over the airwaves and clogging our DVRs (well mine at least).  I’ve been watching reality tv since Eric Neis was modeling shirtless on season 1 of the Real World and haven’t looked back since.  MTV had a monopoly on my reality obsession…Real World, Road Rules, Rich Girls, Laguna Beach, The Hills, The City, Run’s House…just to name a few.  The Bunim/Murray production company may have laid the ground work for the reality television empire, but Bravo’s Andy Cohen has become its king.

Andy and Snoopy

Andy Cohen is the pure genius behind some of my personal TV obsessions like Top Chef, Rachel Zoe Project, Bethenny (Getting Married?! and Ever After), Million Dollar Decorators, and of course The Real Housewives franchise.  As the Exec VP of Original Programming, I’m sure Andy did not think HE was going to be the star of one of his own original programs.  With his wonky eye and endearing Midwestern charm, Andy caught our eye as he hosted the reunions for his reality shows and has now won out hearts as the host of his late night talk show Watch What Happens Live!.

The Clubhouse

His set, which is modeled after his own den, is playfully referred to as “the clubhouse” and what an exclusive club it is! Fabulous celebs and Bravo-lebrities come to visit him to discuss that evening’s reality drama, play made up games, and field questions from live tweets/texts/phone calls from avid viewers all whilst drinking (sometimes heavily) cocktails.  And because the size of the clubhouse studio is reminiscent to the basement where Wayne and Garth taped their show, becoming a member of the studio audience is as much of an exclusive club as being on set!  That is why, ladies and gentlemen (if there are gentlemen reading this) my sister, Katie, and I had to JUMP at the opportunity when two tickets came our way for the November 21st taping!

The Sisters Robin front row behind the camera men

In all honesty, Katie and I are “indian givers”.  Along with my dad, we had given my mom 2 tickets to WWHL for last Mother’s Day which we won in a charity auction.  We had both surrendered our rights to go to the show with her, since it wouldn’t be fair if one went and not the other. We may be in our late 20s, but my sister and I can fight like 8 year olds and what’s fair is fair.  After months of agonizing (mostly about the fact that she would have to forgo her usual 7pm pajama time), my mom gave my sister and I the tickets!  This was like my Charlie Bucket moment.  Just when he thought all of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets were found and all hope was lost, there was his all access pass to The Wonka Factory-right under his nose.  Well Andy Cohen was my Mr. Wonka and the clubhouse was my chocolate factory!

We were instructed to arrive at the Soho studio PROMPTLY at 10:30pm.  If you know anything about the family Robin, punctuality isn’t something we take lightly…so we obviously arrived 15 minutes early.  We found our way to the Bravo offices and were greeted with a fabulously well stocked bar 🙂 This really WAS Wonkamania!! As the youngest audience members by far, we sat back and did a little people watching – to try to get our bearings.  We befriended a fabulous gay man (who was gym friends with Andy Cohen, obvs) and his two friends.  Of course through our favorite game, “Jewish Georgraphy”, we found out that our new friend not only lived in our parents’ UWS building, but he knew who both our dad and dog were!! I mean, our dad DOES looks like Sam Waterston and our dog IS the cutest labradoodle ever…but I digress. We were ushered into the studio (which was legit smaller than my small living room in my small one bedroom apartment) and were seated in the front row right behind the camera men and the show was about to begin.

Have I mentioned the guests yet?  Well, since it was the Monday before Thanksgiving, we knew that the “talent” were probably going to be for the NYC area.  We were right.  One was Andrew Rannells from Book of Mormon (which we saw last spring and was AMAZEBALLS)  and the other was Ellen Barkin.  Let me let you in on a little secret…I LOVE ELLEN BARKIN.  Love isn’t even a strong enough word.  She is my soul-bitch.  She’s fierce, she’s fashionable, she’s got the vocabulary of a truck driver, and she knows exactly what she wants and gets it…she is everything I try to be (though, I already know how to use the F-bomb very well!).

Guests Ellen Barkin and Andrew Ranells

11pm finally rolled around and we were live on the air!! The drinks were flowing, the guests were on their A games, and the laughs never stopped.  There was a life-sized Snoopy in the studio as Andy’s special Thanksgiving guest who served as the Vanna White for the night’s “Word Association Rotation” game. The feeling on set was of happy chaos. During the commercial breaks Andy, Ellen, and Andrew would chat with the audience which made us feel like we were actually all friends.  Well, in my heart…Ellen and I are already friends.

We stayed through the live televised show as well as the 15 minute after-show that Bravo puts up on their website the day after.  Andy and his guests left the studio first, but not before stopping to chat with their new audience friends.  Ellen stood in the aisle right next to me.  Her shiny black alligator skin Hermes belt was right in my face and I couldn’t even breathe.  A little intoxicated after 2 vodka/pineapples, I mustered up the courage to say something to her. “What kind of nail polish are you wearing?  It’s fabulous”.  Nail polish.  NAIL POLISH!?!?  That is how I was going to lure Ellen Barkin into being my BFF?!  Thankfully, she indulged me and then left the studio (probably to do something fabulous).  Katie and I followed shortly after.  What a fabulous night we had!

Just like Andy, I am a (self-proclaimed) pop culture expert.  But, unlike Andy I don’t have my own late night talk show.  Since Watch What Happens Live! is now going to be on 5 nights a week-I propose that I become Andy’s co-host.  So next time you are watching go ahead and post on his facebook, tweet him, or call in live with a drunk dial and let him know that I’m available.  I mean…look how good I look in his chair!

The new host of WWHL 🙂


Dome is where my heart is

If you know me or have been following my blog you can tell that I am pretty much obsessed with camp.  You’d think that there would be no room left to love anything else so wholeheartedly.  Well I clearly have an abnormally large elephant sized heart, because if there is something I love as much as camp, it is my beloved Syracuse University!  As with most relationships it was a rocky beginning.  Admittedly, Syracuse was no where near my first choice of colleges to attend.  I will not disclose which university ripped my heart out of my chest on that fateful Valentines Day in 2004 with a rejection letter, but in hindsight, I am incredibly grateful it happened.

Otto-How can you not love that face?!

Syracuse is where I belonged.  Syracuse and I are soul mates.  We both have pretty large personalities but don’t take ourselves too seriously (I mean, look at that mascot!).  I am an avid fan of napping and Syracuse provided me with eternally dark, cold, and cloudy nap time weather.  I couldn’t go through sorority rush my freshman year and Syracuse said “Hey, we are going to start a new sorority and we are going to give you a chance to join”.  Syracuse just gets me.


Syracuse also introduced me to four of my very best friends who love the Cuse just as much as I do.  During any given hang-out session with these girls, we will inevitably talk about the good ol’ days at school.  We also like to play the “24 hours in Syracuse” game where we create our own perfect days on the hill.  These fantastical days are usually crammed with eating at our favorite restaurants, hanging out in our sorority house, hitting up our favorite watering hole (RIP Maggies), and maybe an after hours party.  No classes are in session on these utopian like days and it sure as hell isn’t snowing. Just like Syracuse, these girls get me.

And let’s be clear…my love for Syracuse is not just because of friends, food, and fraternity boys.  Let’s not forget the King of Syracuse, the Mayor of the Hardwood, the (what I believe in my heart should be) next Governor of New York…  JIM BOEHEIM.  He and the Syracuse basketball team make the long cold (and I mean f*ing freezing) central New York winters a little warmer.  I could go on and on and on and on about my love for the basketball team.  I have Preston Shumpert to thank for getting me sick from drinking for the first time, I had a somewhat interesting flirtation situation with Jeremy McNeil for four years (my grandma still refers to him as my boyfriend), and I have named several inanimate blue and orange objects in my apartment after Andy Rautins.  (More on my obsession in another post.  If I don’t cut myself off now, I could go on forever)

It’s also not hard to love Syracuse, especially living in New York City.  Cabs drive by with signs proclaiming “Syracuse is New York’s Team”. The Empire State Building is lit up in orange and blue when the team comes to play at the Garden. I even see homeless people wearing Syracuse apparel.  Everyone’s got Orange in their hearts!

Today kicks off homecoming weekend at school.  Alumni will flock to campus and reminisce about their days in Onondaga County.  The Dome will be rocking during the football game (because we actually aren’t terrible this year) and the quad will look like a sea of orange.  My friends and I decided not to go up this year (we actually haven’t been to homecoming since 2005).  Maybe we will go up during the spring and live out one of perfect Syracuse days.  My heart aches a little bit thinking about not being there, but just like with any soul mate, it doesn’t matter how far away you are from each other, the love is still there. Dome is where my heart is.

Rebecca is: addicted to Facebook

Ok, here is the deal.  I’ve been working on this one particular blog post for the last 3 days but I just couldn’t finish it.  It’s not that I didn’t know what to say (I mean I’m writing about MYSELF) or didn’t have anything to say, it’s that I constantly found myself incredibly distracted.  By the noise of the traffic outside my 2nd floor apartment? No.  By the 10,000th viewing of It’s Complicated? No, but good guess. By the flooding of phone calls from publishing houses wanting to turn my blog into the next NY Times Bestseller? No, but I would be happy to accept those offers 🙂  My life’s biggest distraction…you guessed it, FACEBOOK!

I don’t know what it is.  I can’t help it.  Every time I am on ANY computer, I feel compelled to log into Facebook.  When I check my email-Facebook.  When I’m tracking my Weight Watchers points-Facebook.  When I’m job hunting-Facebook (hey, they hire too!).  It’s as if I set my Firefox on Facebook autopilot.  I don’t even have to type in the entire web address anymore.   I type in “F” in the address bar and Facebook automatically appears.  Thank GOODNESS Facebook wasn’t around when I was in college.  I would’ve done less work than I already was (sorry mom and dad). Facebook and I have such a close relationship that I even have nicknames for it.  The Face, FB, Fache’ (if I’m feeling fancy that day).

As the world’s yenta extraordinaire,  Facebook was made for me.  I love to know what is going on in the world.  And by “the world” I mean the 770 people I am “friends” with.  Weddings, babies, new relationships, sorority bid days–I know it all!  In most conversations I have with people Facebook is brought up.  “According to Facebook…”, “Oh, did you see on Facebook…”.  I was sitting in temple with my Grandma Net over Yom Kippur and we were discussing the recent engagement of an old family friend.  I was telling her about the proposal, the fiance, the date of the wedding, the whole nine yards.  She asked me how often I spoke to said friend and I responded “Oh, I don’t.  I saw this on Facebook”.  I don’t even think my grandma knows what Facebook is.

Now I am going to divulge something that really sets me into “addict” status.  One of my best friends and I share FB passwords.  Hey, sometimes you just need to peruse a different news feed.  Twice in the last year she has had to change her password for one reason or another.  I went into a full panic mode thinking our friendship was in jeopardy.  How could she lock me out of facebook?  And twice this year I had to make a very awkward phone call.  The conversation goes something like this.  Me: “Hey, are we ok? Is something going on?” Friend: “Of course not, why?” Me: “Well, I’ve been trying to sign into your Facebook and it seems you changed your password”
She laughs it off and gives me the new one.  I usually hang my head in shame for a few minutes (whilst trying to remember the new password).

After reading this post, please don’t de-friend me (in real life or on the Fache’).  I am for sure not the only one of you who loves them some Facebook-I am just the only one who is blogging about it.  Post those pictures!! Update those statuses!! Like my witty blog posts (and share them with your friends)!! I am sure most of people are actually reading this BECAUSE they saw it on Facebook.  I am going to try to stay off FB for the rest of the day.  Give myself a little cleanse if you will.  Just let me update my status to let everyone know 🙂

**This blog post took 3 hours to write and was interrupted by compulsive Facebook checking 11 times**