Closer I am To Fine

It comes as no surprise if you know me or have been following the blog, that I’ve been going through a little bit of a hard time.  Searching for a job while fighting off the fears of getting older can really bring a girl down.  In an effort to resuscitate my spirit, I did the one thing that I knew would absolutely bring me back to life.  I went to see the Indigo Girls at the Beacon Theater!!

The Indigo Girls are folk rocky duo lead by two long time friends from Georgia.  Their melodies are soothing, voices are hypnotizing, yet I have ZERO idea what most of their songs are about.  To be honest, I don’t love the Indigo Girls because of their music (though, they are spectacular).  I love them because with one note, one chord, they can instantly take me back to my summers spent at camp.  At this point, it should also be pretty apparent if you are a follower that I LOVE CAMP!

Indigo Girls *Photo by S.Gaffan*

I went to the concert with two of my camp friends, both of whom I have known for 20 years, and one of their cousin’s, who was about to experience her FIRST Indigo Girls concert.  I, on the other hand, have been to countless shows! The first one I went to was with my dad and another camp friend at Madison Square Garden.  It was the camp “off season” and we were from New Jersey (where NO ONE would visit) so it was such a thrill for us to see so many campies!  There is a rush that comes over you when you unexpectedly see a camp friend.  It’s shock, excietment, and joy all wrapped into one.  You are usually greeted with an intense shriek of enthusiasm followed by a really good hug.  And boy, was I in need of one of those.

We got to the theater and within 30 seconds of getting our tickets scanned I heard one of the familiar shrieks.  We had spotted one of my all time favorite counselors and her HUSBAND! Yes folks, you read that correctly.  This amazing man(who also went to camp with us) got his wife Indigo Girls tickets for their anniversary.  I’ve always loved this couple-I have a soft spot for couples that meet at camp like my parents did-but now I love them even more! He clearly wasn’t a fan of the “Girls” (admittedly, he was having second thoughts about his generous gift) but he knew how much they meant to his wife.  Of course, after the usual pleasantries their next question to us was “who else have you seen here?”.  It is not enough for us to just have ONE sighting, we were on the hunt for camp friends.

Luckily, our hunt wasn’t too difficult. I have a very distinct voice that travels above normal sound levels and  my 5′ 11″ blonde friend can be spotted a mile away.  We were an easy target.  We stayed in one spot and let everyone find us.  And that they did!  Another favorite camp counselor, a co-counselor, a camper and her sister, a college friend…it was glorious!  The lobby of the Beacon Theater had now turned into a private mini-reunion.

Me, Sari, Stefanie, Dani, and Amy-CAMP REUNION

We finally headed upstairs to our seats for the show to begin.  Unfortunately, they opened with a song I didn’t know, so it was a bit anti-climactic.  Something else I should probably clue you into is that though the Indigo Girls have released several albums since, I have not listened to any of their new material after1997.  It isn’t that it’s bad, it’s just that they don’t have the memories attached to them.  But then, three songs in, with just one note, I was no longer sitting in center loge row H.  I closed my eyes and I was magically transported to a rainy day in bunk 6, sitting on my bed sorting a laundry bag of socks as I listened to the rain hit the tin roof tops.  The next song I was walking up the hills at camp.  I could feel the gravel crunching under my flip flops.  I could see towels lining the porches of the bunks and smell the clean air of the Adirondacks.  What was even better is that I knew that my other campies were flashing back to their own camp memories.  They could smell the smells, hear the sounds, picture the places that I was seeing too.  I was in my happy place.  My soul had been brought back to life!

I left the concert last night with my cheeks hurting from laughing too hard and my throat sore from signing too loud.  For the those three hours I wasn’t worrying about hearing from someone I had sent my resume to or the 118 days (who’s counting?!) I have left in my twenties.  My spirits had been lifted and my soul revived.  Last night,the Indigo Girls had helped me feel a little Closer to Fine.


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