On the Verge

On the Verge: (idiom) about to experience something positive

I am turning 30.  Yes, you heard it here first.  3-0!  To be honest, since I turned 27 I’ve been telling people “I’m almost 30”.  I think it made me feel older and more mature, especially at work or around my parents and their friends .  But now that I’m really almost 30, I’d like not to be.

But I will not let thirty define me.  Besides my age, I’m an Upper East Side-er (think Joan Rivers meets Carrie Bradshaw meets Fanny Brice), a sleep-away camp-a-holic, an amateur television critic, and wanna-be Barefoot Contessa.  I’m a little neurotic, a lotta funny, and always have something to say (just ask my boyfriend).

There’s  a lot of changes in my life I am going through right now.  Besides the fact that I’m 4 months and 7 days away from turning 30 (but who’s counting), but I have recently lost my job.  Don’t feel badly for me as you read that line, because honestly I don’t.  Well I did…don’t get me wrong.  For all of my life I have ALWAYS been doing something.  I went to school during the year and sleep-away camp during the summer.  Yes, I went ALL THROUGH COLLEGE and the summer afterwards.  I even secured a job for after graduation before the first semester of my senior year was finished.  I have had three jobs since, but only had a few weeks off in between.

Now here I am.  No job and tons of time on my hands.  Everyone kept saying to me “this is a blessing in disguise” or “this is the best thing that could’ve happened to you”.  All I kept thinking was “ARE YOU NUTS?!?!”.  But were they?  There was always so much that I wanted to do but never had the time.  I live in the greatest city in the world and rarely venture outside the 10 block radius of my apartment.  Why not seize the opportunity and do everything that I’ve wanted to do?

So that’s EXACTLY what I am going to do! I’m going to use this time to do all (or at least most) of the things I’ve been “too busy” for.  I’ve been compiling a Goodbye 20s bucket list and now it’s time to get started*. Watch out world, I’m an almost 30 year old on the verge of something I’ve never done before!

*NB: Writing a blog has been on my bucket list forever, so I can now now check that off of my list*


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